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Agave is produced from Mexico's Blue Agave cactus plant, the same species used to make tequila. It has been extracted by hand from its pineapple shaped core for centuries. The flower shoot is cut out and the sap collected.

Healthy and tasty, this natural sugar substitute also has a Low Glycaemic Index (30). This means that it is slowly metabolised and keeps your blood sugar levels balanced. This provides your body with a constant source of energy.

Agave syrup is sweeter than sugar and is often substituted for sugar or honey in recipes. It is suitable for vegans. Drizzle it on fresh fruit and natural yoghurt for breakfast or add it to your baking as a healthy sweetener, it's great for raw desserts too.

It has less than 3 calories per gram and is 1.4 times sweeter than other natural sweeteners making it an ideal ingredient in a weight control diet.

  • Organic
  • Cane sugar free
  • Egg Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Wheat Free
  • Vegetarian / Vegan
  • Low Sodium


Country of Origin Mexico